How to change WiFi network password from Router panel

How to change WiFi network password from Router Panel

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There are many reasons to change your WiFi password. Maybe it’s your neighbors using your bandwidth to download unwanted stuff or you change it after every X days just like me to make sure that no one is using my bandwidth to watch adult videos or download cracked games using torrent.

Here, in this article, I am going to show you how you can change your WiFi Password. Obviously, I am not talking about Mobile hotspot password because nowadays even 5-year-old kid can do it. I am talking about changing WiFi Password from Router configuration panel from which you can manage your WiFi Router and your WiFi network.

Without wasting a single more minute, let’s get started with the actual tutorial. First of all, Let me inform you that I am using this router and every company makes their own Router configuration panel. Which means, Design and layout of my Router configuration panel and yours might differ, but the method is same and in most cases, You will understand the process easily.

Change WiFi Network Password from Router Panel

Step 1: First of all, I assume that you know what is Router configuration panel and how to access it. If you don’t know, there is nothing to worry about, Click here to learn all about it in less than 10 minutes.

However, If you know all this basic stuff, Open up your Router configuration panel.

Step 2: In the Wireless section of the panel, You’ll find Wireless basics or Wireless security tab. Open up that tab and here is how next page will appear (Again, Layout and design might differ).

192.168.l.l change password - 192-168-1-1

If you have Tp-link router, You have to open Wireless security option and it will look something like this. Once you’ve reached this page on your router panel, Follow the next step!

Step 3: Now, If you just want to change your WiFi password, replace the old password with the new one in the Pre-shared key field and click on the Apply or Save changes button, and your password will be updated in few minutes. It requires one restart for a router to successfully change the password.

If you also want to change your network name, just replace your WiFi network name in Name (SSID) field and hit the apply or save changes button. Just like WiFi name and password, You can also change many more WiFi settings according to your need.

So, this is how you change your WiFi Password. Please note that once the password is changed, you have to update the password on all your devices too! they will get disconnected immediately!

If you have questions or queries regarding this tutorial, you can comment it down and we will respond as soon as possible. We will create one more article covering all the interesting WiFi Settings soon, Stay tuned!

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