How to block specific URLs in your WiFi Network

How to block specific URLs in your WiFi Network

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Yes, you can block specific URLs from your WiFi Network. Which means, The devices connected to your WiFi Network will not be able to open up the websites that you’ve blocked from your Router Configuration panel.

It is easier to do than you think. This feature is provided by almost all the router configuration panels. It is important. How? For example, You have kids under 13 and you don’t want them to access adult content. The easy solution is to add those websites to block list so that your kids can’t access adult sites when they are connected to your WiFi network.

More than that, If your neighbors are using your WiFi connection to access torrent sites and are using a huge amount of your bandwidth, you can block torrent websites from your WiFi network so that they will never be able to access those torrent sites when they are connected to your WiFi network.

So, Without wasting a single more minute, let’s get started with the actual tutorial.

Block specific URLs in your WiFi Network

I assume that you have knowledge of Router configuration panel. If you know how to log in and what is the IP address of your Router configuration panel, that’s all you need to know for this tutorial. If you don’t know anything about that, Click here and learn first.

Login to your Router configuration panel and in Advanced tab (Depends on the layout of your configuration panel which varies from company to company), you will find the section called URL block or similar (Again the name depends on the router company).

Once you find the URL Block section, make sure it looks like the one given in the following image. Layout and design might differ but it will be the same and will have the same functionality.

192.168.l.l URL Block - 192-168-1-1

By default, URL blocking capability was turned off in my router. If it’s the case with you, first you have to enable it by clicking on Enable and then Apply changes.

Once done, in the second part of the page titled Keywords, you have to enter the domain name of the website you want to block. To make it simple to understand, here is how you do it.

192.168.l.l Domain Block - 192-168-1-1

Please note that I haven’t used http or https or www while entering the domain name. It is because the router will match Keyword instead of URL as it says.

Just enter the plain domain name you want to block. Once done, hit the Add Keyword button. It will block the website immediately. But there is something you must know. It will avoid the block if cookies and cache is stored in the device from which WiFi user is trying to access the blocked website.

For example, You will be able to open if your computer contains cache and cookies of that website.

Note: Your router configuration panel might have URLs instead of Keywords but it does not change anything. You have to follow the same steps in that case too, so, there is nothing to worry about or to search more in that case.

You can unblock the blocked websites by simply deleting the blocked keyword. You will get an option to select and delete the blocked keyword. Once done, Devices connected to your WiFi network will be able to access the blocked website again!


Conclusion: This is the best possible way to block specific websites from your WiFi Network. However, if your neighbors or children are smart like me, they can still access those sites using online VPN like this one. If you are even smarter than your neighbors and Children, You can block those online VPN sites so that they can’t even access those sites to open others.

Enough of fun, If you have questions and queries regarding this tutorial, you can comment them down and we will respond as soon as possible!

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